Engage with fellow H-1B TechHire (TH) grantees on the  peer learning call, “Strategies for Engaging with Workforce System Partners to Support TechHire Projects” on Thursday, September 28 at 1:00PM EST.
Grantees will learn specific strategies that their peers are using to create effective engagement with workforce system partners to achieve both short-term and long-term program objectives. This peer learning call will provide ample time for in-depth Q&A. Please come ready to participate and share your promising practices and challenges on this topic!
Who Should Attend: Key personnel who should attend this call include program directors or managers, program coordinators, case managers, outreach and recruitment coordinators, training partners, and supportive services personnel. Grant partners providing training and supportive services, employer outreach and business engagement services are also invited to attend this call to learn how the workforce system can support their work.  
Peer Learning Call Goals
  • Build awareness of various strategies that TH grantees can use to engage with workforce system partners in support of their grant.
  • Offer grantees new ideas and specific relevant examples of how other TH grantees have approached engagement with workforce system partners to support both short-term and long-term programmatic goals and objectives
  • Foster peer learning and engagement among TH grantees 
Facilitator: Beth Brinly, Vice President, Workforce Innovation, Maher & Maher
Ms. Brinly has significant experience leading large planning initiatives for local, state, and regional workforce, education and economic development collaboratives.  Beth is a transformational leader and a significant advocate nationally for regional approaches, spanning 28 years of state and federal service, including projects in statewide and regional workforce asset mapping, sector strategy development, school to work partnerships, and talent pipeline development.

Access Information: TechHire grantees received the information to access the Peer Learning call in an Outlook invitation. Please send an email to techhire@dol.gov if you did not receive the information.